Something else that Sketch does slightly better that I think we should look at

Let’s say I want to make a SVG 10px smaller. It’s a more stressful task having to click in the box once to highlight and another click at the very end of the number to type -10 ENTER. With this flow, Figma assumes that the most common task users will take is completely overwriting the number but in actuality, at least for me, 9 times out of 10 I just need to modify slightly up down left or right.

With Sketch it was much easier because the cursor changes to a text-input cursor upon hover. This allows me to simply click at the end of the number and type ‘-10’ enter. If I want to overwrite the whole number, a double click was all that’s needed.

And please believe me when I say, I am 100% pro-Figma. I feel somewhat of a heavy bias anytime I write in favor of Sketch. This is not the case. After having used both products for some time, I feel like there’s small low hanging fruit that Figma can take advantage of.

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