Someone tell me what this is

Hey all

I’m pretty familiar with the Figma UI. Just now, these two weird new inputs popped up under the “frame” panel: “Count” & “Ratio” (that’s not a typo for Rotation)

  1. Whhhhhhaaatttt are these?!
    They seem pretty buggy. For instance…the Count option doesn’t go below 3 or above 10
  2. Why are they there?!
    I’m guessing this is a bug from a community file component I imported? Maybe from a plugin that’s surfacing itself even though it’s no longer applicable?

Someone enlighten me!

Hey @Guy_Meyer1 these count/ratio properties appear when you have a star shape selected.

Do you have a star selected by chance? If not, mind sharing a screenshot of the layers panel and canvas to get a better idea if this is a bug or not?


I think the OP’s surprise is understandable because Figma (inconsistently) hides rather than greys out functions. This makes Figma harder to use because it forces you to learn and remember the functions that would be available, and when.

The better way is to show all functions all the time, but grey out those that aren’t available (and provide a tool-tip to explain why if the user tries to interact with them). Figma does in fact do this in some cases (although they don’t explain with any tool tip or message).

Yes! It is inconsistent! However I have ZERO stars in my UI. And my selection is a canvas level frame! :smiley:

cc @Josh

Hmmm :thinking:
If you’re able to send a copy of the file via PM I can take a closer look. When selecting a top level frame it will show properties for all available elements within that frame. So it’s possible there’s a star (or possibly some other vector shape) nested in there that can receive these properties. Either that or this may be a bug.

That would answer it then! It’s a community component with a star shape I didn’t notice…but FWIW, I wouldn’t have expected that to be surfaced to a top level frame.

Clearly I don’t use the star tool often :joy:

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