Some Pages of my Prototype are unresponsive

I am creating a food ordering app for my UX/UI class. Everything at the beginning of the app works fine. But once I head to the check-out screen and tap the “ASAP” button, the page stops working. When I click the “Later” button for all my interactions it works fine, but for some reason, the ASAP section of my app doesn’t work during checkout.

What specifically stops working?
After pressing “ASAP”, you interaction works and navigates you to another screen.

Once I hit the ASAP button, my back arrow button doesn’t work, my order summary doesn’t respond, the entire page just doesn’t respond.

only two flows work for the ASAP button out of the 15 and thats when Im ordering just tacos alone and wings, tacos, and jerk chicken pasta.

Your connections lead to another frame, it is under the right frame. Just move it to the side and change the connections to the desired frame. Watch the video below:

Right, I connected them to the frame I want, but once I go into presentation mode it just doesn’t work

I checked your file again and the connections I showed in the video are the same as before. You didn’t drag the connections to the correct frame (which I moved to the video).

Your file is very difficult to navigate because there are so many frames and they all have the same name.

I was able to fix it! Thank you for your help!