Some images disappear from components

Sometimes - but not always - some (but not all) of my images in components disappear when I use the component. this is usually when I have a nested component.

When the image is used in a style, I can still see the preview image in the associated style. When the link to the style is broken (or it was never a style, just an image) both the image preview and the image on the artboard will disappear - it says there’s an image, but the png appears to be empty.

Re-linking to the image on my computer does not fix the issue, nor does adding it directly from my computer (drag & drop). New instances of the image also appear empty. Renaming the image/moving where I’m dragging it from doesn’t help. Copying the image from another file where it appears correctly also doesn’t work, unless it’s a copy of the master component containing the image.

I cleared the cache on both the desktop and browser versions of Figma (Using the instructions here) and it brought back some (but not all) of the images; the problem is persisting.

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