Some FigJam links do not show preview

When pasting links into my FigJam board some show the preview image as expected but others do not… they just who the link text. Here is an example… SHOWS THE PREVIEW IMAGE AS EXPECTED

Custom Pet Phone Case Using Pet Photo Name Custom Dog Phone Case Custom Cat Phone Case Personalized Phone Case Cat iPhone Case - Etsy Ireland SHOWS NO PREVIEW IMAGE… JUST LINK TEXT

@Mark16 Noticing you’re mentioning two different formats of links.

The first one that works, you’re pasting the direct URL.

The second one is text that’s linking to a specific Etsy URL.

You need to copy the actual URL and then paste it into FigJam, and then it works.

Is there an update to this? I’ve tried pasting multiple etsy links, including the one above (direct URL) and none of them shows a preview.

Hey @Edgars_Ieva, thanks for following up!

What specific links have you tried? If you’re able to provide specific links where this happens, we’ll pass these onto the FigJam team to take a closer look.

@dvaliao Thanks for following up as well!
I’ve tried links like:


  2. or even the same as mentioned above:

And it jus shows up like this:

Thanks, @Edgars_Ieva!

I confirmed with the FigJam team that this is expected when embeds are not supported by the link resource’s site. So in this case, Etsy is likely not allowing the embed to create a link preview, which is why it’s defaulting a static preview.