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Some aspects of playground file don't work

Page 4/12: (drop down menu example)

  • When I wire up the 2 variants of the menu as per the instructions (mouse-enter & mouse-leave), the hover effect of the menu-items are disabled.
  • If I change the wiring so that the menu-open=true interaction is click instead of mouse-leave, then the menu-item hover effect is non-functional.
  • If I change it so the menu is as per instructions, but the 2 menu-item variants are wired to switch via mouse enter and mouse leave, then both the mouse-leave interaction on the menu-item and the mouse-leave interaction on the menu are non-functional

Page 7/12: (tooltip example)

  • The pre-wired while-hover interaction is non-functional
  • If I switch the wiring to mouse-enter & mouse-leave, then the mouse-enter interaction works, but the mouse-leave interaction is non-functional
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