SOLVED - Issue with Screen Sharing on Google Meet using Figma on MAC

Same issue here! Cannot share Figma app in Google meeting, it only works for the web version

I think for me, it happens every time when I try to pinch to zoom using the trackpad, and the screen share will freeze from that point on.

Hello, is there any update regarding when we can expect the fix?

Hi everyone,
To give some visibility, it appears as though the fix was not deployed as expected, as other issues were caused by the fix. The engineering team is currently investigating further and working on a permanent fix, so I will provide you with an update as soon as one is given. Thanks for your patience!


Yeap. for me it doesn’t matter if it’s full screen or not and it’s the whole prototype interactions related to clicks, scrolling and hovering seems fine.

Thanks for keeping us updated @Celine_Figma, fingers crossed that it’s sorted soon.

EDIT: I just updated Figma, tried it in google meet and seems to work fine.

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Update: I just did the latest OS update and it seems to work for me now.

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Hi everyone! We are pleased to inform you that the fix has been successfully released!

Please update your Figma desktop application to version 116.15.15 or redownload a copy of the latest version from here:
If you continue to experience the issue, please let us know the version you are using and we will flag it down for further investigation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. Your feedback has been valuable in helping us improve our product, and we appreciate you taking the time to report the problem. Thank you!


It works again for me! Thanks :smiley:

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Strange even after updating we are still experiencing this issue with Google Meet and Figma Desktop 116.15.15. Tried to use the latest Safari and Chrome on macOS 14.3 but the issue continues. Using the full screen share workaround or seem to be fine.

If you’re still experiencing it on 116.15.15 you might need to do an additional restart for the fix to kick in.

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I have a user who is on 116.16.13 and is experiencing this issue. Should they go back to 116.15.15?

Still having this issue.

Figma version 116.15.4
MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1

Hey there! Please try to force an update, this would work by downloading the app again from the website here.
You can also “check for updates” when you open Figma desktop app in the right top corner. Either case, you won’t lose your data.
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If you are still experiencing bug, please reach out directly to the support team by filling this form: here

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