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[Solved] Can't disable slack notifications for a project

Is there anyway to turn off slack notifications for a project anymore?

We currently have slack notifications for comments setup to go to specific slack channels based on the project. However, I can no longer find anyway of turning those notifications off (or on). I know the new Figma Slack App has launched but this problem seems to have been around for a few weeks now. I am actually fine with the Figma Slack App and think it is the better long term direction but we need to be able to turn off notifications for the existing integration. Is there something I am missing? Didn’t it used to be here (image below) ?


Hey Jason,

I have to look around the UI a bit more to see if I can figure out how to do what you are asking. But if you are no longer using the old slack app you should be able to just remove it on the slack side which should stop any notifications.

I will circle back when I find a better answer for in the Figma product

Thanks @TJ_Pavlu ,

That seemed to have worked, and don’t know why I did not think of that :smile: For anyone needing to disable the old notifications for a channel you can just go to the old Figma slack app and remove it or turn off specific channel hooks. I do have a few requests for the new version but I can handle those in the feedback form. Updating title to Solved.