So frustrated with my stupidity - AUTOLAYOT top and bottom bars

Im struggling with the top and bottom bar for a responsive website.

I will try to be short , but precise, sorry for my engish mistakes and erros.

My process:
1.text - one word, make four copies, create a autolayout for it, horizontal, spacing mode between, filling. bar1 is made. DONE
2.iphone frame, autolayout, change hug to horizontal and vertical resizing are fixed. done

take the bar1, transfer it to the iframe. change horizontal resizing to fill container. ok, its working.

BUT THEN, IF I wanna copy bar1 or make another bar to the bottom, it does not work.
IF I try to copy the 1, it appers right down the first, and I CANT MOVE IT. only if I click absolute position. then a grab the bottom2, place it in the bottom of the iframe. but i cant RESEIZE it to fill container. WTH cant I do it?

Enlight a poor soul!!!



Don’t use auto layout for the main screen, resize the bars to fill the frame manually and then set constraints to Left & Right so they change with the screen when you resize them.

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile: