Snapping point at 0 px when adjusting auto layout spacing

Hey all,
I’ve been playing about with auto-layout since the new features after Config. One thing I noticed is that I’ll often want to play around with spacing and scrub down to 0px but in most cases don’t actually want negative spacing.

I thought it’d be cool if the scrubbing behaviour was similar to the behaviour you get when you drag an object and it snaps to align to another object on the page. If you keep dragging a few pixels more it’ll move, but the snapping behaviour stops you having to be super precise. It’s a subtle change but it could make a big difference!

Kapture 2022-05-12 at 17.45.30

I was also finding it weired and it takes extra secs to get it to “0”, same behavior in properties panels, i was thinking it can be made locable to positive values while pressig shift or ctrl, that way we can slide to right most zero quickly

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