Smart guide disappeared all of a sudden

My smart guides disappeared suddenyl. It is very uncomfortable to press Alt key all the time. How to enable smart guides again? Please help

Hey there @Lala1, do you mean the rulers and guides or the layout guides?
For both of these you should be able to find the setting in the top right by clicking on the view dropdown. Let me know if this fixes it for you!

This is also a recent issue for me. Only on my 2022 Mac Studio — they still work fine on my 2023 Macbook Air. To clarify — these are the temporary red alignment guides that usually pop up to help align objects within the same frame. This is only for the desktop app as well — they work as expected on the web instance of the app. Screen cap for example.

Hey @BennettF, thanks for following up!

It sounds like you may be referring to offset measurements? Now, you can select an object, hold option/alt, and hover over an object to show you the offset horizontal and vertical measurements for each.

This launched in late September:

Thank you for your reply @dvaliao

Hey @Robbie_Wagner,

From your screenshot, you’re using a FigJam file, not a Figma file, which is why you’re seeing different options.