Smart drawing in Figjam

This issue was posted two years ago with no reply so i’ll add it again. (See here: Help me draw shapes in FigJam)

Please add smart drawing features to FigJam! Invision Freehand had this and it was one of the most delightful and lightweight features i’ve used while designing. This is also one of the only blockers for me to fully utilize FigJam for low-fidelity sketching.

I just want to quickly draw circles and rectangles :pray:t2:


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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your idea! We greatly value your feedback, and we would like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community. We may consider it for future enhancements!


This was definitly my biggest reason for using good ol’ invision freehand. And very few of the other whiteboard tools have come close for quick ideation imo.
I’d vote for this idea if I had any votes left :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Yessss, this would be huge! It would really help out my product and engineering teams who aren’t really comfortable using a mouse to draw.

Using one tool to spin up ideas rapidly instead of switching shape tools to draw would be super appealing.

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