Smart Animation Not Working

Hi Avokadomos, I’ve tried for a few hours to get these circles to transition between each other and the transitions look identical to the one’s I saw in a video and yours. They still don’t seem to be working - any suggestions?

Okay, here’s it’s mine, I follow as Figma channel did but it moving frame by frame than animation.

Hi! I have a problem with my animations. They’re working in the small viewer that we click when viewing our animations, but it doesn’t work anymore when I click the presentation mode.

Here’s a link to a video to see what I mean.

There’s a few problems here.

First, you shouldn’t rotate the componen variants themselves. See them as the container for your animation. Rotate the content instead, i.e. your Component 3/Frame 6 layer.

Second, to get the best result, you should divide the full rotation into three. 360/3 = 120, so set the rotation of the first one to 0, the second one to 120 and the third one to 240 (which will translate to -120).

Third, you have you put a component instance in your frame, not the actual component itself. Grab it from your assets menu.

Your file is not available, so if you want help you’ll have to repost it.