Smart animate objects not moving the way it's supposed to

I have two animated screens with the exact same animated frames and delay set up, but they are animating completely differently. One is the YOU WON animation and the other is YOU LOST. For some reason, the YOU LOST animation is completely different. You will note that the YES / NO pills are coming in from different direction versus just appearing like the YOU WON animation. The YOU LOST animation has the YES pill coming up from the bottom and the NO sliding from the left…I did not set it up like this. I literally copied and pasted those assets from the other screen. I can’t seem to figure out why.

Can someone please help?

Here are the prototypes:

I’ve also attached screenshots of of the keyframes and the layers in question.

Sorry I wasn’t able to add the screenshots above…

Hi Batilly! I checked out the Winner and Loser flows, and the pill animations seemed the same to me. Are you still experiencing this issue, or were you able to resolve it?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just copied and pasted from the correct animation and edited the contents :slight_smile: Forgot this is on my personal Figma account. Thank you for checking!!

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