Smart animate not easing color on 1 of 2 icons

Hi community,

I’m having an issue with smart animate not easing on 1 icon, though it works perfectly on a second icon. I stripped down my file to the bare minimum to troubleshoot the problem but I can’t figure it out.

I have 2 frames with a background, title and a navbar. The only difference is the active and inactive state of the navbar in both frames. The active state is purple and the icon is slanted somewhat (10°), the inactive state is white. The easing between the slanted and not slanted version works perfectly. The color fade however only works on 1 of the 2 icons. For one icon it “jumps” from purple to white and vice versa. On the other icons it eases nicely between the colors.

Any idea’s what I’m missing?
Also is there a way to post your fig file here? Sorry first time ever I use the forum honestly.

Many thanks for your time, I appreciate it.