Small size adjustments using up/down arrows

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If size has to be adjusted by a few pixels, quick up/down arrows similar to Sketch really helps. Its annoying to have to type every time.

Hey there @Urvashi_Soni, you can actually already do this via a keyboard shortcut. Just hold down command or control (Windows) and use the arrow keys to adjust the width or height. You can also add in shift to change the size by the larger nudge setting.

Hi @Josh , How can I change shortcut keys for adjust width or height on Mac OS? I need use those shortcut for align objects.

Align is Alt + WASD

Okay, I understand can’t change shortcut keys (in Mac, if we know trigger action’s name in app menu, we can change, but not listed “adjust Width or Height”).
Thanks @Gleb .

I use BTT to change shortcuts.