Small bug: Reordering Properties a little broken

There’s a small bug where reordering properties doesn’t seem to update (even though it actually does).

See attached demo:

  • In the demo I want to drag the “Foundations” option to the top of the list
  • I drag it to the top but nothing seems to happen
  • When I click out of the dialog (to close it) and select the Component again, notice how “Foundations” is at the top of the list.

It’s clearly a bug (and it didn’t always behave this way) but at least the changes actually do work so it’s not completely broken.

But you can probably imagine how making several changes would be an annoying process of deselecting and reselecting the component just to see the updates.

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Agree, I noticed this today and reported it in another thread after a quick search. Thanks for raising it! Very annoying, and afaict just started with today’s update for me in the desktop app.
------ Sep 15, 2022 update:
I don’t know of any other way to provide an update here, but it looks like this is fixed in the latest beta build I’m currently using. Huzzah!

Same bug, but it doesn’t even update

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