Slot component keeps unwanted overrides

TLDR: When I swap my slot component with a button, the text layer color inside my slot is applied as a preserved override as a fill to my button label container, which is using a typography component.

My team created a stack component to mirror MUI layout properties for custom content projection. The stack is essential a group of slots, which are placeholder components, so we can instance swap one to many slots in a stack without detaching component instances, like the content inside a card or dialog (could be buttons, text, or form controls). E.g. here’s a stack with two slots inside. Each slot contains a text layer, which isn’t meant to do anything other than signify this is a placeholder component meant to be instance swapped.

But when I instance swap a slot with a button, I end up with this. The purple text from the slot is being preserved as a fill on the frame for our typography component, which is not what we want. Since the slot is just a placeholder, we want the actual component to be brought in from the instance swap without any of the fills of the original slot instance.


Any words of wisdom would be helpful.

These are the layers for the stack that has two slots inside, and the stack where I attempted to swap the slot with a button, that resulted in what I shared above.

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to the community.
Hmm not sure where the issue may come from, it would be great to have a copy of your file here so anyone can help find the cause.

In the meantime, to cover some basics, here our help center guide : Swap components and instances, and Swap style and component libraries.

(Still, if you would prefer not to share your file publicly, you can temporarily invite a representative of the Support team to the file ( and shared link to the file in question - by filling the form : here
Be also sure to use your Figma account email, and please clarify which instance/component you intend to swap. Thank you!)