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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet as the search isn’t super great on this site so here’s a potential repost.

Having to paste a bunch of text into table cell components is throwing some strong photoshop UI design vibes with the amount of double clicking required.

Would very much like a feature similar to sketch data where I can define text snippets and then auto-populate all selected text fields with content from that list, either in order or randomized.

Thank you.

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  1. While editing text, you can jump into another cell with a single click, no need to double click.

  2. There are plugins that allow you to paste text into multiple fields, depending on your setup you might be able to find one that works for you.

  1. The double click was for selecting all the placeholder text in that cell. I could also cmd+a but the action is still required.

  2. I’ve looked into them but nothing that actually handles the above request. You can paste line by line, but you can’t select a collection of elements and just paste a unique value into each with a single click. Retextifier comes close for batch filling, but lacks the simplicity and the value of a fixed set of values to pull from.

  3. Have you used sketch data?

I just came across the same issue. Looking into migrating from Sketch. Massive improvements on every front but this.

We work with a lot of lists. With Sketch exposing all or individually managed overrides in the prop panel, its very easy and fast to just select some rows and set data.

The same issue if you want to change not only texts, but other props as well. Since Figma is not exposing nested properties, it’s very cumbersome to do that.

It would be really great if Figma would allow to expand the section and show all nested props optionally.

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