Sketch/Abstract => Figma - concerned about PO and Dev handoff


I am thinking about switching my design team from a Sketch/Abstract combo over to Figma, mainly because of the auto layout engine and the flexible component system.

One thing I am somewhat concerned about is the fact how collaboration, and here mainly communication, with product owners and developers works in Figma:

In Abstract we prepare Collections, where we specifically select the relevant artboards. Links to those collections, and sometimes even directly to artboards, are then shared on Jira, etc. People visiting those links always only have 1 artboard (=screen/state/whatever) in front of them and can comment and annotate away. Switching to a different artboard is always a deliberate choice and a very obvious user experience. Also, you only ever see comments which were posted on that specific artboard.

In Figma, on the contrary, you have free navigation on the infinite canvas of a page. Yes, you can share direct links to artboards and on visiting those links you are taken directly to that artboard. However you will still have to navigate freely to move between artboards, zoom in and out, etc. This is by definition much more complex and overwhelming than having always only 1 artboard on the screen and moving via arrow left/right. Furthermore the right sidebar for comments will show all comments on the whole page (not only the artboard in view) which makes the comment function more overwhelming as well.

Am I overthinking or are my concerns valid? Have I overlooked some clever functionality? Do you guys have any tips on that matter? Have you maybe been in the same boat and found a good solution? Any best practices you can share?


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