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Single-select groups (like radios and tabs) as interactive component?

Has anyone here tried out building single-select controls and had success with text overrides persisting across states/variants?

I’m struggling with text overrides that don’t ‘stick’ between variants after a ‘Change To’. My Tabs are composed of nested instances of another interactive component (the interaction states). I know for sure that the names, structure, etc. of all the objects inside these components matches between states, so I can’t figure out why this wouldn’t work :frowning:

Perhaps this post and file will help you:

Thanks! This is what I already have set up (more or less), so I’m wondering if it’s something I’m missing in naming/structure of my nested variant (or a Figma bug).

Here’s a simpler version of what I’m experiencing: Figma. As soon as I add any interactivity to the nested components the text overrides stop working.

Looks like it’s also flagged here: Text Override doesn't work on nested variants with interactive components - #3 by Nico_Salomone