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Hello figma team, today I applied for interactive components beta…. At how many hours/days you will answer?

It’s typically within 3-5 business days, however it may be longer due to the number of signups we’ve received.

Hi there. Absolutely love the idea of the Interactive Components.
Signed up to the beta 2 weeks ago, and another time last week. Still no reply or Interactive Component access. Is there a way for us to speed this up? Or does it mean that beta testing is coming to an end and Figma will be releasing that as a stable update? Thank you!

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Hi Josh, could you please add me to access this feature? I thank you very much in advance

Hello! I was in the process of composing a prototype for a user test which takes place at the end of the week. I just applied for interactive components beta. is there a way to get quick access to it? thank you very much.

Any ballpark estimates when this will be out of beta? This year? Next year? No hurry of course, the feature is great, I’m just looking forward to using it standard in all my prototypes

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Hi I have applied for getting the access to Interactive Components beta since it was not working while prototyping (did not get it make to “Change to”). It was yesterday that I applied, but no answer back in my mailbox.

Hi! I have requested access to the Interactive Components Beta a few times in the last 3 months, but no response or even acknowledgement yet. Raised multiple queries, again with no response :frowning:

Hey @Lucila_Coronel I just did a quick search and it looks like you’re already in the beta. You should have received a confirmation email when added but it’s possible that went to your spam or something else may have happened. You should be able to access it though. Double check that you have it turned on in your file. :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh!

I just got the confirmation that I have access to Beta and I’d like to try it on an existing file in a Team. On the I see the Interactive Components on the Playground file, however I don’t see that option on my existing Team’s file.

Hey Josh,
I’ve requested the beta a few days ago but didn’t get any confirmation email of any response. Could you please see if I’m indeed on the list and if I’m gonna be granted access anytime soon? Thanks!

Hey Josh,

I signed up for beta weeks back, can we check to see if access was granted? Most of my team is already in beta except for myself. Thank you!