Sidebar Sections A Step Backwards in Organization

I’m part of 11 different teams within my organization (I’m head of product, so most people on my team are not part of this many teams). Each team use to show up as a header with an image/logo for each team in the sidebar. With the new sidebar sections, I no longer have the image/logo to help draw my eye to the correct team I’m looking for.

Sections within a specific team make sense, especially if a team has a lot of projects. But now that those projects are not nested under a team within the sidebar, the naming of the project is much more important. If I were going to use sections to group disparate projects together, I wouldn’t know which team each of the projects actually belongs to.

I’d rather keep my projects identifiable per team, but now I’m going to have to name the project with the team name OR I’m going to have to keep sections for each team (but the new sections don’t have the image/logo so it’s not as visually organized).

Also, the old Team section headers were an easy way to get to ALL of the projects within that team, but now I would have to go up to the “All Teams” just to find that team to get to all of their projects. So it’s an increased number of clicks. I could technically add the team to my sidebar, but now it’s getting redundant. I have to have a section named with the team name to help me find those projects, and I would have the team also listed within the section. So the team name is listed twice (once for the section header for organization purposes and once for the link to the team itself).

I was easier when everything was automatically separated and nested per team. I could see a benefit in creating sections within the team, but creating sections a level above the team is making it more difficult to find everything, and my list got longer with all of the redundant section headers and team links.

Also, the folder icon next to every project is noisy. The indent was easier to call out the headers, but now everything is left-justified (with a few pixel difference in the header and the project icon) so it’s more difficult to see the headers in the midst of everything else.

Maybe sections need a color or an icon? Maybe sections should only belong within a team? Or at the very least, allow projects to still be nested under the team instead of putting team and projects at the same hierarchy in the sidebar?

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