Showing "Zero" payment due, all files locked!

Hi Figma team,

We are facing a strange payment issue. We are on professional plan, paid monthly. The usual payment due message shows on couple of boards. When we try to make the payment, it shows “Zero” amount due on the OTP page.

Last time this happened, one of the credit cards worked, “0” payment was made and boards kept running. But this time, no card is working for that “0” payment due.

Also, many times, cards doesn’t work on autopay. So we have to rely on the payment rejection email in which manual payment link works. That has also stopped so we are totally handicapped. This is another issue.

Emailed Figma support for this issue 2 days ago, no reply from them yet! Any suggestions/ideas totally welcome here. Requesting Figma team to look into this on priority as boards are locked and we are unable to work.

Hi there!
Thanks for reaching out to the community. I understand how frustrating this may be.
I see on our backend that our support team is currently investigating your issue. Please continue the conversation via email so they can help you out. Thank you!