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Show which account you are in when in the file editing interface


This is in regards to the recent account switching feature. I’m not sure if you are aware, but when you are in the file-editing interface, there is no indication of which account you are in without leaving the experience.

When I mouse over the avatar to the left of the file name, or over the user avatar in the upper right, it only reveals your name, which I’m guessing for most people is the same for every account they are in.

Disastrous use case:

I have two accounts: private and a corporate. When I’m in my private account, I see recents for my corporate account. (Intentional?) When I click on one of those files, it opens it and apparently switches accounts (since I can now can edit it), but unless I back out to home, I have no indication of which account I’m in. Mousing over either the icon to the left of the file name or the user token in the upper right reveals only my name. Surprise: my name is the same for every account.

A screenshot or two would be nice to understand which menu and avatar you are talking about specifically. This one?


Hi Gleb!

I’m referring to this other icon:


…which up-till-now I assumed is supposed to let me know which account is active, because it looks exactly like the one at far right on the home screen, whose purpose is to give me account options for the active account.

I had assumed that the icon in the middle (which you posted above) is meant to tell me which account the file belongs to, because it is directly associated with the file and looks for all the world like the root of the file path.

But I see now that this center icon has zero to do with the file path located directly to its right. It shows your active account! I’m logged into my personal account, and I’m viewing a file in my corporate team account, and that center icon shows my personal account, which I now understand is expected behavior.

I’m still not quite sure what the icon I posted a picture of is intended to tell me. I guess that I’m the person who’s editing the file I’m editing, because it contains no account information, aside from my name, which is the same for all accounts.

I hope you can see how I got confused, and thanks for your help!

Edit: Oh, I should probably post the screenshot below, which shows what the icon identical to the one I posted above (which appears while editing a file) does on when on the home screen:

They look exactly the same, right? But the one next to the file name (that you posted above) is the one that indicates my active account, not the one that looks exactly like this one.

For reference, this is what the dropdown looks like from the “file” avatar, which has zero to do with the account containing the file next to it but instead shows the active account.


Why not drop the misleading avatar to left of the file name and use this one I’ve posted twice for the same purpose, just by adding the active account’s email address to the hover state?

Or better yet: Have both, but make it so the avatar directly to the left of the file path actually indicates the account that owns the file.

When I posted before that this multi-account feature is baffling, this is what I meant.

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