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Show Presentation option in list menu

Problem: When I want to quickly get to presentation mode of a file (like Im in a zoom meeting and someone asks to see XYZ mockup) I have to first open the file, then open the presentation. It takes too much time especially for big files. (I am in the downloaded app, not a straight browser)

Solution: Add a menu item to open the presentation directly. Menu Item name “Present”.


Detail: It should start in “fit” mode


If the file has multiple pages, would you expect it to open the first one?

On a related note, it would be pretty cool to have a page selector in the presentation mode. Like you can pick the page when viewing the editor view embed. Need to create a separate feature request for this…


Option 1: Just the first page
Option 2: A sub-menu or popup asking which page
Option 3: Whatever the page would have launched if you opened the file and clicked present.

Honestly, any of these options are fine. I just hate waiting for the figma to load, then clicking present and then literally closing the file again. It’s a huge waste especially in a meeting when people are waiting. We end up making a wiki with all the links to the present modes, but they open in a browser rather than in the desktop app (which is my preference).

You can try to run your prototypes from Recent menu. It will open directly the prototype, not a file. The only issue that prototype must be in Recent.


Just as a tip that may improve your workflow a bit: you can get the file link without opening the file by right clicking it and copying the link or through the share menu:

File context menu, Copy Link option

And if you replace /file/ with /proto/ in the URL, the prototype will open.
For example you have the following URL:, you’ll need to change it to this to open the prototype: So you don’t have to open the file to get the prototype link, it’s just inconvenient.

And since you prefer the browser, that would be easier for you. But if someone reading this prefers desktop app, you can open the copied link (need to paste somewhere and make the edits described above, then copy again), then go to the desktop app and Open File URL From Clipboard.

Mac: Open File URL From Clipboard on Mac
Windows: Open File URL From Clipboard on Windows

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In my original post is says “I am in the downloaded app, not a straight browser”. I don’t use the browser at all.

This seems like a simple feature to just open the file in prototype mode.

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