"Show/Hide UI" requires keyboard shortcut to show hidden UI on PC

It seems incredibly odd how there is no way to show your hidden UI other than remembering the keyboard shortcut or closing and reopening the file on the Figma App for PC. Maybe i just haven’t found Figma’s little secrets yet?

  • On the bright side, this is the first time i’ve tried every keyboard shortcut combination to figure out how to get my UI back! (Which is a bit difficult on scandinavian keyboards, as a lot of the listed shortcuts don’t match/aren’t physically possible)

// Bonus info for scandinavian Figma Desktop App users //
Show/Hide UI shortcut on pc: ctrl+½ or ctrl+§
Show/Hide UI shortcut on mac: cmd+.

Just right-click on the canvas to use the “Show/hide UI” context menu item or write this command in Quick actions.


Aah yes, of course. Thank you very much!

Sneaky secrets…

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