Should I follow the 4-point grid system when designing a mobile app?

Brand new to Figma and designing my first mobile app. I want all my elements, padding, and margins to be divisible by four. However, when I look at the mobile templates Figma has provided, most do not seem to be divisible by four. For example, the Iphone 14 Pro has a height of 393, which is obviously not divisible by four. Is it okay if I change the height to 392 instead?

I personally suggest to not change the height or width of the “devices templates” in general, if you are gonna scale the frame keep in mind that you will not have a compatible device for preview of your design (a black border is gonna come out), I usually don’t care about the given dimensions but I design into it and make it fit.

I wouldn’t mess with the default device resolutions. Nothing’s stopping you from using a 4pt grid for your spacing, etc… you just can’t do it for the widths of the elements, which honestly is how it would work on the actual mobile device anyway so why fiddle with it?