Should I delete my figma account after leaving a company?

I would like your advice regarding a situation. I have just recently left a company and I forgot to delete my figma account. Now I am no longer able to do this as I do not have access anymore to the corporate email. Was it necessary to delete my account? I mention that I was invited to the project by a team member and never introduced any card related information.
Could I be charged in some way because the account remained active?

I am not very familiar with how figma handles this.

Thank you!

If you didn’t leave your card information you can’t be charged even if this was a thing somehow. Also team users don’t get charged in Figma, only team owners, so you wouldn’t be charged anyway.

Thank you for your reply!

Understood. Only if I leave the card information I could be charged(and only if I am a team owner). As such I understand it is not a practice to delete the account when leaving the company right? It is ok for the account to remain active forever as a free account.

To further understand how figma subscription works: If you have a paid subscription and the payment is not processed(being on the first payment or next planned payment) the account is simply downgraded to a free account and it remains as such forever(or until you make another payment to reactivate a paid subscription) right? It will not pile the subscription fees.

It depends on what plan the company was using. If it was Organization/Enterprise, they take your account with all the files from it, then just remove the account. If it was a simple Professional team, nothing is preventing you from logging into that account if you know the password, even if the email doesn’t exist. Or nothing is preventing them from resetting your password and removing it for you since they have access to email. But yeah nothing bad happens if your account just stays there forever.

Yes, that’s how it works.

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I have found out the company was using the free plan/free team when I was invited to join it. As such there is no way a payment involving me is possible either now or in the future, right?

Thank you for your replies!

In this case you can still log into that account if you know the password, assuming they haven’t changed it.

The payment involving your account is possible if they invite it to a paid team as an editor but 1. why would they do that, and 2. they would have to pay, not you.


The thing is I do not remember the password and i cannot reset it as I do not have the email account anymore.
But if you say the account itself is free I guess I do not have to worry about the account remaining active.

I guess there are many accounts in this situation and nothing happens and i am just overthinking things here.

I don’t remember me or my colleagues ever closing accounts when leaving a job, being either figma, github or any other account. And for github in particular I think I had a git account for each project/customer.