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Should FigJam be just a page within a normal Fig file?

If a team is collaborating on a design, it might be wise to have everything in one place. So that I see pages of designs and also see the (folder of?) jam boards – all in one file. And even a combination of a design and jam board, so that I could put sticky notes etc. on top of my designs and turn them on/off (now I have to put text notes near my screens which isn’t the best experience). Go on, FigJam has a fantastic potential to finally make it possible to get rid of Miro :slight_smile:

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As I’ve daydreamed about Figma adding diagram tools, I hoped that it would be a mode you could switch to. I would love to be in whatever page I’m working and switch to Jam Mode, throw down some connectors, and then switch back to design mode. I would especially love this after now seeing the stamps and sticker stuff.

Either way, I’m looking forward to using it!

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Totally agree about diagramming. Now it’s quite hard to show a main flow of screens (there are plugins but still quite clunky), and no proper way to make a flowchart or a basic ER diagram. Would be fantastic to have at least sticky route-able arrows, smth like in

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Agree with the above, would be awesome to see the two more closely integrated. Being able to quickly link screens into a flow diagram is something I have wanted for awhile too.

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