Shortened Figma links not recognised by Slack Figma app

Hi there,

We use a link shortening service to make our Figma prototype links more user-friendly when sharing prototypes, as this – https://shorten.ed/demo-prototype

Is way more shareable than this –[…]47&viewport=344%2C71%2C0.030492231249809265&scaling=scale-down

(note the above links aren’t real, they’re just to illustrate the point)

However, unfortunately, the Figma Slack app doesn’t recognise shortened links, even though Slack itself unfurls the Figma icon and Figma image preview from the link.

So when you tap the link on mobile, it opens it in a Slack web view, not in the Figma Mobile app, which is a real shame.

Would it be possible to address this issue with the Figma Slack app and Figma Mobile?


p.s. this may be the case on Android too, i can’t say sorry.