Shortcuts with ALT doesn't work on some keyboards

I’m using Croatian (HRV) keyboard and I can’t use shortcuts with ALT like CTRL+ALT+M. I tried other keyboards and it works on English (ENG) and french (FRA) keyboard and it doesn’t work on German (DEU). Did anyone had the same problem?


I have the same problem with the Alt key in figma. All keyboard shortcuts work, but combinations that use Alt do not work.

For example, if I press Ctrl+Alt+C, then commenting is enabled instead of copying styles. And so with all the keyboard shortcuts with Alt in them.

For me all shortcuts work, EXCEPT the copy styles one (Ctrl + Alt + C). Some people exchanged workarounds on this thread. But none worked, for me at least. Maybe one of them might do the trick for you. If not, I guess we’re stuck on the same boat awaiting a official fix.

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