Shortcuts are not working on non-American keyboards

Keyboard shortcuts are not all working on German Standard Keyboard! :pensive:
The symbol is already on the keyboard (not the same place of the English keyboard) so i can press the buttons but the shortcut is not functioning.

This is really annoying in Figma, and now it is the same at FigJam!

I made a list of these shortcuts:

Show/Hide UI: Ctrl +
Multiplayer Cursors: Ctrl + Alt +
Previous Page: Page Up
Next Page: Page Down
Adjust Font Size: Ctrl + Shift + < and >
Adjust Font Weight Ctrl + Alt + < and >
Adjust Letter Spacing Alt + < and >
Adjust Letter Height Shift + Alt + < and >
Remove Fill Alt + /
Bring Forward Ctrl + ]
Send Backward Ctrl + [
Bring to Front Ctrl + Shift + ]
Send to Back Ctrl + Shift + [

I hope this will help you fix it.


Same here (french keyboard :slight_smile: )

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+1, please add german and other language keyboard layouts.


+1, creating custom shortcuts is not an acceptable workaround

May try cmd + ö and cmd + ä for “Bring forward” and “Send backward” on german keyboard :grin:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work on Windows.

For me, copy & paste properties doesn’t work as well (on german keyboard). Option + Shift + C / Option + Shift + V

same here with swiss keyboard

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Same with Latin American keyboards.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work (Mac) :sob:

Same with Swedish keyboard, most shortcuts aren’t available. Please Figma, think about people outside the US ;D

How can we vote on this request? Also, it seems like some shortcuts can be achieved, just with different combinations. For example Command + P on some non-English keyboard works for Quick Actions (usually Command + / ).

Me too! Working with a german keyboard on linux.

Same here with spanish keyboard in mac. In sketch all shortcuts work well.

Same in Spanish ISO keyboard on WIndows, most of the shortcuts won’t work.

FYI on my french AZERTY keyboard I found that Bring to Front is key “^”
and Send to Back is “)”
They work in combination with Ctrl for adjusting z-index.

On a german keyboard (mac) these seem to work:

Send to back: ü
Send backward: cmd + ü

But, does anyone know to bring elements forward? :smiley:

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Yes, I’m also struggling with a German keyboard layout (MacOS). Please Figma, find a way to translate and / or customise shortcuts for non-US keyboard users. It is big usability issue, and a company that is literally creating products for UX people should really get this right. Adjusting shortcuts in apple system preferences is too cumbersome and also messes up other existing shortcuts easily. However, what works for me at the moment is to switch my keyboard settings to US, while using a German qwertz keyboard. This obviously messes up any text writing tasks (unless you switch back again), and you have to guess / learn the keys- but you can actually access all (or most of, haven’t tested everything) important shortcuts this way.

+1 for German keyboard