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Shortcut key not same in my both figma accounts

I have two different Figma accounts and when I logged in to both,
It shows different shortcuts,
no matter in the browser or device I use,
the shortcut key will change when I logged into my another Figma accounts

What’s wrong?

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In the first screenshot you have enabled, and in the second screenshot you have disabled the “Keyboard zooms into selection” item in Menu ⟩ Preferences.

the “Keyboard zooms into selection” item is disabled

the shortcut key doesn’t change

Interesting. Unfortunately, I have no more ideas.

This was bothering me, too! And then I remembered that hitting “shift-1” would adjust opacity. So I searched for an opacity setting and found the “Use number keys for opacity.” Turned it off and now “Zoom to fit” is back to just “1” and not “shift-1”

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