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Shortcut for quick scaling

Right now inserted screenshots and drawings are often times too big compared to the actual designs and it’s necessary to resize them. (The iPhone template is 375px wider for example whereas imported screenshots of high DPI screens can easily be 2k px wide)

See this screenshot for reference. This is at 70% zoom, the screenshot is huge.

Normally I’d go to the right sidebar and type /2 into the width field to resize and play a bit with the sizing. But typing ‘/2’ or ‘*0.6‘, ‘*0.4‘ etc. until you get the right size is rather tedious.

My Idea:

I suggest to use the number row for resizing, similar to how changing opacity already works.

When entering Scale Tool (K), typing a number could resize the selection accordingly. So an element would get resized to 60% when pressing ‘6’ (maybe even 69% when typing 69)

That would improve the inserting workflow quite a bit.

Additionally: It would be possible to allow for scaling up when holding option as well. That way pressing option + 6 would scale to 160%.