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Shortcut for getting an object to another at 0px distance

Would save so much time if there was a shortcut that would get an object close to another. As many probably are using shift + arrow keys to position elements, if you could select two objects and then get them next to each other with one click, that would be awesome!

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That would be pretty nice!

Often times I just drag the object with shift selected and it snaps to the edge of the object! Not quite as convenient as a quick hotkey though.

Another thing you can try is selecting both objects and typing 0 in the space between field.

I also work in an 8px grid so I’ve changed the increments that shift+arrow key moves to be 8, this has helped simplify the process.

Use Pack Vertical/Horizontal commands:



I have been so far also either using shift + dragging an object to the edge of another, or selecting two and putting 0 in the distance field. Yet this takes time if compared how fast it is to align objects with shortcuts.

And as for ‘Pack vertical’ and ‘Pack horizontal’ I am hearing about these for the first time ! They are so deep in the menu.
This is what I am looking for, but I wish it had a shortcut. Now it does not solve my problem, as you still need to go through a few actions to get the objects packed :cry:

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I’ll submit a request for the hotkeys! I had no idea the feature existed.

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Ah this made my day! Thank you ! :raised_hands: