Shortcut for download your drafts

Hello friends, how are you, I would like to share an idea to make it easier to download files and keep a local backup of them, currently we have to go into each file and download them one by one, it would be very interesting to be able to select this from the Figma home menu and also select everyone at once, whether from your own drafts or from the team you participate in, thank you in advance.

Interesting !
For sure we are dependant of clouds backups, and having saved files in local is sometimes useful !
In what context do you download your files ? For now, i don’t think it would impact a lot of people, as i imagine a very few people backup their files.

Hello Matteo, my concern and at the same time being a blessing is that Figma remains online all the time or almost so, I always save my backups every 1 to 2 weeks, but I keep this in mind as I am always in contact with the guys of the company’s technology, an extra backup is never too much, especially if your software runs almost 85% in the cloud, it’s another concern of mine that I wanted to share, we never know when the Figma server might go down so it’s another guarantee

Btw i think a topic already exist about “downloading files fast”