Sharing specific version of a file doesn't work as expected (IMHO)

Try this:

  • Show version history
  • Select one of the versions
  • Copy link (to the version)
  • Share the link with someone who’s not in the team


  • When clicking the link, recipient can directly interact with file, like inspecting objects and following embedded hyperlinks

Actual behaviour:

  • When clicking the link, recipient ends up on the version history view, which MUST be closed before interactions with the file are possible.

Typically my file’s first page is a table on contents with links to various parts of the file. My recipients can’t click the links, because they don’t realize the file is locked until you close the version history. Ideally they don’t even need to be aware there are different versions.

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I agree, this would be a nice feature, however version history is intended to be just history, not the interactive view. Currently the use-case you are describing is specifically made possible with Branches in Figma Organization: