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Sharing protoypes – why not more convenient, stable and save?


just coming out of another discussion with a client, who is not happy, how he can use our Figma prototypes for testing purposes with his clients and users.

And i do understand their feelings, knowing solutions like Invision etc.

Are there any near future plans to change the handling of prototypes to make the sharing more convenient, more stable and saver? Why not offering a solution where you could share a prototype in a simple encapsulated player mode, usable in any browser, without the need to register, maybe also accessible out of the Figma mirror app (for mobile use)?

Or is there any other application around that imports Figma files and prototypes and offer a better way to share them to external partners?

Reading you it seems you are saying that it is required to have a Figma account to run a prototype, which is not the case.

You just need to generate a link of the prototype (with the appropriate rights) and share it with anyone.

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Steven, it is not that we wouldn’t know how to share a prototype. But the need to login was something, that some users reported to us, others not (all using the same shared link). So even if theoretically it is not necessary, some of testers made a different experience. For whatever reason…

But that is not my (and our clients) main issue with the actual Figma prototype solution. It is really interesting, that a tool that is used to great great usability, lacks this great usability, when it comes to sharing, accessing and using prototypes.

@Tobias Here I tried to respond to your concern by presenting you the way of doing things at the moment. This way may not be effective. I suggest you to create a topic “Product ideas” where you can present the difficulty, propose a solution and have opinions and votes.

PS: I’m not from Figma, I’m also part of the community.

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