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Sharing project designs issue

Hi there,

My question
I wanted to ask, if I share a link of my project through a link, that the person with the link have to be logged in before navigating to different pages?

Issue described below
So I am working on my assignment where I have to create persona, wireframes, designs and prototypes etc. for a zoo website.

So I created different pages for each of them (a personas page with artboards, wireframes page with artboards etc.)

Now I’m finished with everything, I created a link so I can share all my work with my lecturer. When I opened the link in chrome incognito mode (to test is as another person and not being logged in), I could see the first page I was on (the personas page), that was fine, but whenever I try to visit another page to see for example my wireframes. As soon as I click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner, the whole site just disappears and doesn’t show anything. I’m still on the same link, when I refresh it shows my personas page again.

I don’t mind if anyone accesses the file, here below is the link

I hope – if it’s an issue – it gets solved.

Thanks in advanced


This is a known bug, I’ll merge this thread into here:

You should definitely reach out to about this issue as well.

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