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Sharing Figma - Sign in/Create Account Bar Visible

  1. When I share a link to another person, they open the link, and a Figma bar to sign in or create account is always visible at the top of the screen.

  2. See screenshot.

  3. Why does this appear? Can I remove it? If I can remove it, how do I remove it?

  4. Please remove this banner or have an “x” to close it. It’s annoying and stops us from viewing the design area to its fullest.

Thank you.

Hi @Mini_Govenji,

This is an expected behavior to invite users to create an account and/or sign in to edit and collaborate on the shared file, but I understand your frustration with not being able to view the design area to its fullest.

You can toggle the visibility of the Figma UI by using the Show/Hide UI keyboard shortcut:

  • Mac: ⌘ Command + \
  • Windows: Ctrl + \

Thanks you for the response. Yeah we do have to zoom out and hide the Figma UI, but when we share designs with text that needs to be read, its difficult to see it in context having the bar appear above it.

Hopefully I can share it with the support team and see if they can provide a fix for it.

Thanks for the additional context! Again, this is an expected behavior to welcome new users as well as allow them to comment, edit, and collaborate to your shared files as needed. And as you mentioned, you are still able to Zoom In and Out to see the full design.

That said, I’ve moved your topic from Get Help to Share Feedback for the team’s consideration.

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