Sharing comments on an online website (like bugherd)

Figma is quite complete regarding sharing comments and feedback with our team and customers about the prototypes.

But a really useful feature would be: Sharing comments and feedbacks on an online website. Explanation below:

So, according to me and my team, the basic (and very simplified) process of creating a website would be:

  1. create a prototype via figma
  2. sharing comments and feedback with my developer team
  3. sharing comments and feedback with the client
  4. validate everything and start the development of the website
  5. put everything online

Now, when the website is online, we need a way to continue the sharing process of comments.
In my previous job, we were using the chrome plugin “Bugherd” for sharing comments which is very practical but is, according to me, too expensive.

Since Figma has a pretty good comment exchange feature and permanent access to the web, the idea would be to integrate a kind of browser into figma, allowing you to visit a URL, change the screen size and exchange comments.

What do you guys think about this?
is there maybe any plugins allowing this?


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