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Share your Figma Community Profile (Files 🖼 + Plugins 🧰)

I know we have the Intro thread but how about one to just share your Figma Community profile so we can see the Plugins and Files you’ve worked on.

Here’s mine: Figma - @chudoloo

I use and have benefited from so many but here are some notables for me: Similayer by @Dave, Bunch Description Change by Fabian, and loved this aspect ratio file share by @solo_cube.



:zap: My best plugins: Master, Blend

:sparkles: My most interesting files: Auto Layout Tips & Hacks, Pattern Making Kit (actually, all of them are pretty interesting, so check out my profile ↑)

The creations of others I love the most: plugins Warp It, Oblique, Variable-Width Stroke, GIF. Files: Threedy - Open source 3D design assets, Figma’s Design System UI2 and many more — see the likes section in my profile.


UI2 is a Masterpiece… Love it too

:sparkles: My best plugins:

  • Filter – large collection of effects for images.
  • Wave & Сurve – generator of various waves and interesting patterns.
  • Social Media Image – Cheat sheet on Social Media image sizes.
  • Select-Similar – Selects the nodes of the canvas based on general features such as Relative Layer Position or Type.



My plugins:

  • Super Tidy – 40k downloads: Tidy up your frames in the canvas.
  • Content Buddy – 12k downloads: Text layers edition in bulk, supports instances and regular text layers.
  • Linky – 1k downloads: Shorten and customise your Figma share links.
  • Frametastic – 1k downloads: Built with my company profile Cabify. Easily save frame dimensions presets.

Happy to be part of this vibrant community!



I work on a single plugin under this team. An update is 90% done and coming in the next week!

Better File Thumbnails — name is pretty self-explanatory I think, plugin creates thumbnails for your files with a WYSIWYG interface and flexible settings. A quick create option is also included to skip UI altogether!

Also there are a few community files that might be worth checking out :wave:


My profile :wave:

I have yet to make a plugin, but here is my most popular file:
Customizable Autolayout Component Library

Most used plugin (by a mile):
Similayer by @dave :heart:

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Hey everyone! You can find me on Figma as @karfisch

I currently have a super sleek resume template available to the community and am working on a plug-in and more community files!

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Hey everyone, I just added a custom field to add a link to your Community Profile. Just go to Preferences > Profile to add it. This will show up on your public profile here as well as the card.

If you don’t see the field try refreshing first! :slight_smile:


Hello, this is Jean from Canada. I’m loving the growing Figma community!

My Profile: Figma - @jean

My Plugin: Figpie :pie:

My friend & I just published Figpie last weekend, a free Figma plugin that creates pie charts!

We made it after learning that

  1. There was no easy way to control arcs in Figma
  2. No free plugin that makes pie charts with YOUR own data

I think it’s super cool that so many people are contributing to this community. I’m happy to be part of it!


Hey, Figma fam! :wave:


:sparkles: Published my first plugin recently → Morph

:sparkles: And made this while testing the plugin → Skeuomorphic Keyboard

Loving this amazing community :innocent:


I just added a custom field to add a link to your Community Profile.

Awesome, thanks! It looks like it doesn’t turn into a clickable link on the profile card… Not sure if that can be changed.

Hmm might need to add the full url with http://
I’ll do some testing though

Hello! I am Igor, Lead Product Designer!!!

My Profile :

Advocate Friends of Figma Moscow RU FoF Moscow (RU)


So it looks like the field doesn’t accept links out of the box. I think we can work some javascript magic though to get this to work. I’ve logged this and we’ll look into it next week. :slight_smile:

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Got it, thank you! :pray:

Hey i’m Steven, UX/UI Designer

I sometimes post interesting things, tricks, UI kits and more recently make French translations of community files that I find quite useful, in order to allow others to surpass the language barrier.

Community Profil ⇢ @steven

⇣ Plugin and files so useful to me ⇣

And much more, check the like section on my community profile.

Glad to be part of and contribute to the growth of the community.


Hey I’m Furquan, product designer.

Community profile: (
My most popular community file is accessible palettes: Figma - Accessible Colour Palettes | Accessible Palettes has over 50+ AAA funky colour palettes for you to use in your next project! ...

I made a video about my favourite plugins: Top Figma Plugins To Increase Your Productivity When Designing In 2021 - YouTube


mine is


My Profile Figma - @Sergey_Arkhipov

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