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Share specific version of prototypes?


Is it possible to share a particular version of the prototypes?

Here is my use case:

  1. Save a version of the mockups (e.g. v1.0) using Ctrl+Alt+S
  2. Generate a prototype link that gives my client access to v1.0 only
  3. I carry on working on the current version


Duplicate: How to share only a specific prototype to view-prototype-only users?

No, it’s not possible unfortunately. You can duplicate the page and keep working there, then when the work is done remove the current page and move the new duplicate page contents there (right click → move to page) so the prototype links don’t get lost. Or simply change the prototype link you give to the client.

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I thought as much, but thanks for confirming. My only issuing with duplicating pages is how to handle components. Sometimes I have a separate page for components, so I’d need to duplicate that page too to avoid things unexpectedly changing.

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