Share part of a board not the whole board

We embed Figma boards in Confluence a ton. It’s great that I can embed a specific board and not just the whole page / file, but I wish it could be more granular than that.

I wish that alongside the “Link to Current Selection” checkbox option there was a “Create Share Viewable Area”. I could then drag a rectangular box over the board, and that area would be the default view / zoom level in Confluence. Similar to some of the screenshot tools where the screen becomes grayed a bit and you drag a marquee over the bit you want.

If this option existed, I would add more Figma links in Confluence, highlighting each part of the screen contextually with live linking, versus just having one giant embedded board at the bottom and continual scrolling up and down to cross reference. It’s particularly bad right now in a small floating desktop app we’re working on, because the developer have to zoom into every embedded Figma board to see what’s being described on every page refresh.

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