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Share only selected frames in prototype

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    I work at Amazon and I need to be able to share select portions of a larger experience I’m designing with different stakeholder teams and avoid having links break if an update is made to the prototype. Sketch + Craft + InVision does this well, Figma should do the same, that would solve this.

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    I have the pages of my experience built in Figma and they are all components.
    I then use instances of those pages to create the various “key flows” to communicate the intended experience as part of review and seeking approval from stakeholders.
    None of these stakeholders needs to see every single screen of a project. I want to be able to select only certain flows and share those.
    I then need to be able to update those pages within the flow and have that reflected in the shared view that stakeholders see without breaking the link that I originally shared.

Currently when i select all of the pages in one of my flows and hit “share” it shares the entire Figma file. Alternatively, if I select all of the pages in one of my flows and hit “prototype” it creates a prototype out of everything on the canvas.

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    Sketch + Craft + InVision does all of this very well and I would love to keep using it but my team at Amazon is forcing a switch to Figma.

Figma, when will you make it possible to create a prototype out of only selected frames and prevent the share link for that prototype from breaking if screens are updated/ added/ removed from that prototype?