Share link without prompt to create account

Hey all. Hoping for insight on whether this is possible, and if it’s not, would like to share feedback.

Context: We’d like to share a workflow process doc with clients at scale.
We’d like to get it as close to our branding as possible, while still being dynamic (hence why we’d like to use Figma.

  • All of our components are already in Figma so it would be easier to implement

  • I know full white labelling isn’t possible, but at a minimum, we’d like to hide the prompt to create an account as it’s distracting and an odd experience.


  • Is there a way to do this in Figma (am I missing something)?

  • Is there another tool you’d recommend?

You can embed the file in your site or other tools and then there will be no this banner.

Read more in the Help Center article: