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Share Link to selected frame. Broken functionality

I can no longer open Figma share links in Chrome. Which is my primary browser and may also be your primary browser.

Has anyone else had this problem?

What do you mean by that? What do you see when you open them? Are you logged in to the correct Figma account in Chrome?

Hi @Gleb yes I checked the Figma account, it looks like this when I try to view the Figma frame in the browser.
“Uh oh… we can’t open that file”

I did check and WebGL is enabled.

Hey @Rusty_Ryan,

I use Figma in browser on Google Chrome, and I’m not having any issues.

From your screenshot, “Update” in the top, right-hand corner is in red. I’d try updating your version of Chrome then let us know, if you’re still having issues.

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Thanks for the assistance @dvaliao and @Gleb . Must have been a bug and now appears to have been resolved.

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