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Share a Figma file linked to our library outside organisation

I have a Figma file which is uses components from our library. If I share the Figma file outside the organisation,

  1. would the shared file still have the link to our components library
  2. would the shared file reflect any changes that I make in our components library
  3. If the above 2 are no, whether the shared file will have components detached from the library? Can you please explain what would they see at their end?
  1. Yes. But if the library file access is set to “only people invited to this file can access” nobody will be able to open it unless they are invited to view the file manually. If access is set to “anyone with the link can view”, they will be able to view the source components in the library.

  2. Yes, the changes would come in the form of regular component library updates. They could choose to accept or ignore them.

  3. Nothing will be detached.

That’s awesome! Thanks a lot Gleb.

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