Shadow relative to frame

I might be asking the impossible, but can I make shadows applied inside a frame to be relative to the frame and not the Figma document?

I‘m asking because I‘m experimenting with furniture design. If we take the sofa, for example, it‘s one frame, and inside are the sofa pieces. Each sofa piece has various shadows, and they look great in their original orientation. However, when I rotate the sofa, the shadows do not rotate. Can they rotate? :nerd_face:


@Zlat It gets tricky trying to do that for each piece, but you can get a uniform shadow across all your furniture if you add a drop shadow to a frame that contains all your furniture — versus putting a drop shadow on each piece of furniture.

Then as you rotate any furniture within that frame the shadow stays consistent.

See Example File

Wow, thanks, Nate! You even recreated the furniture to show me how it‘s done. :astonished:

However, I guess I didn‘t explain the matter well. I‘d like, as I rotate the furniture piece, the shadows to rotate as well. After asking a few more people, I realized that‘s not possible, and for a good reason.

So, I‘ll recreate a few shadows as semi-transparent gradients to get that effect.

Thanks again for spending time on this.

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